Best Beef Jerky in Brisbane, Australia

Best Beef Jerky in Brisbane, Australia

Not all jerky is equal – So what makes our products the best jerky in Brisbane? You only have to read our positive customer feedback to see we are doing something right, but what is it that sets our beef jerky apart from the rest?

To be honest, there is not just one clear cut answer. A good jerky depends on the meat product used, the preparation, herbs and spics used, and the cooking process. Lacking in even one of these areas, will result in a not so enjoyable jerky.

Let’s go into more detail, why in our opinion, we not only have the best jerky in Brisbane, but the best jerky in Australia.

1. Choosing the Meat 

One of the most important decisions when making our beef jerky is the cut of meat. The right cut of meat makes all the difference when making great tasting beef jerky! Here at Mallorys Tocino, we only use 100% Australian Grass fed beef, chicken and pork. Quality and freshness is a must.

2. Little to No Fat

We choose meat that has the least amount of fat which attributes to our jerky being a healthy protein snack. Too much fat will actually spoil the drying process.

3. Precise Thickness 

We pride ourselves on our moist but chewy beef jerky. All of our jerky is handmade by us. It is not mass produced where machinery cuts the meat into even pieces. Over the years, we have perfected hand slicing the beef, chicken and pork into the ideal thickness to produce the best tasting jerky in Brisbane.

4. Adding Natural Flavour 

Our secret blend of herbs and spices gives each of our meat jerky it’s unique tasty flavour. No artificial flavours are used. Adding the taste sensation with natural herbs and spices is the only way to go. Marinating the meat for 24 hours, locks in flavour, moisture and tenderises the meat.

5. Completing the Process 

Once the marination process is completed, we air dry and grill the flavoursome jerky pieces, to seal it to perfection.

Due to the traditional process we use, our jerky has a long shelf life. Store at room temperature in an air tight container or the zip lock bag it comes in. Keep a few packs in the pantry, to satisfy your hunger.

To summarise, we believe we have the best jerky in Brisbane and Australia, because our jerky is:

  • Handcrafted
  • We use only fresh, quality Australian meat sliced to perfection
  • Natural flavours
  • Air Dried and Grilled
  • Traditional Jerky Recipe
  • Moist and Tasty
  • Healthy snack
  • Convenient
  • Our love and passion for making quality jerky
  • We offer a variety of meat and poultry with super tasty flavours

Our customers keep coming back, so we figure we must be doing it right. You can see our customer reviews for yourself.

View our jerky range here. What is your favourite flavour?

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