Is Jerky Healthy?

Is Jerky Healthy?

Our jerky tastes so good, it is no wonder you may be asking, “Is Jerky Healthy?”

The answer is ‘Yes’, but you must realise that not all jerky is made equal. Some are highly processed jerky may contain a lot of fat and other nasties that may not be good for your health. Here at Mallorys Tocino, with our hand made jerky snacks, we can honestly say, “Yes”, when you ask us, ‘Is Jerky Healthy’, when you include it as part of a healthy diet.

The reasons why we can answer so confidently, is because of the fresh, Australian grown, best quality, lean meat we use, and our traditional method of making our jerky.

“Jerky is junk food !?”

No ! Whilst you’ll often find beef jerky in the snack aisle, usually alongside the peanuts and chippies, that doesn’t mean it’s junk food. As we said earlier, not all jerky is created equal, but our beef jerky is high in protein – after all, our jerky is just air-dried and grilled chicken, pork and beef – making it a great post-gym-workout snack and a healthier option than a packet of chips or a bar of chocolate.

So, jerky is healthy?

Mallorys Jerky is made from Tasmanian grass-fed beef, and Queensland farmed pork and chicken. It is packed with protein, low in saturated fat and doesn’t contain as much sodium as some less-natural varieties. Of course, everything in moderation. As long as it is included in a healthy balanced diet, eat and enjoy !