What is Jerky

What is Jerky?

What is jerky?

Often we get asked, what is jerky?

Jerky is lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips and then dried to prevent spoilage. There are different methods of making jerky, and Mallorys Tocino uses a secret family recipe. Our jerky is moist, full of flavour and a healthy protein snack.

The most popular jerky meat is beef – but pretty much any meat can be used. Here at Mallorys Tocino, we use Australian grown, best quality, lean beef, pork and chicken.

What is jerky

Some product manufacturers finely grind meat, mix in seasonings, and press the meat-paste into flat shapes prior to drying. The traditional way (and the way we hand make our jerky) is to use thin slices of meat which is seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices before being dried.

Did you know that jerky is commonly included in Military Food Rations because it is excellent because it doesn’t weigh much, needs no preparation, has a long “shelf life” & it is a good source of protein. Also it does not need to be refrigerated! For these reasons, it also makes an ideal choice for hikers and campers.

Browse our range of jerky which is available in 100g to 1kg packs. You can catch us at local markets or we offer super-fast delivery throughout Australia. Contact us with any questions.