Which Drink Goes Best with Beef Jerky

Which Drink Goes Best with Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky is a great nibbly snack and we all know that our delicious jerky is full of flavour. What you may not know, is which alcoholic drinks are the best choice to serve with the intensely flavoured jerky. We will tell you our favourite drinks. In our opinion, they are the perfect companion to our beef jerky.

  • As Asian Spice has a strong flavour it needs to be teamed with a versatile wine that is able to stand up to the jerky whilst providing a refreshing drink.  Our suggestion is a good Riesling. Rieslings are not aged in oak, and typically has aromas of flowers, tropical fruits and minerals. This type of wine tends to be lighter weight and suitable to accompany a wider range of our jerky flavours.
  • Single Barrel Bourbon is another good choice. It tends to help enhance the natural flavour of our jerky.
  • Beer – a well-known favourite amongst Aussies, most of us will be pleased to know that jerky and beer complement each other perfectly. Beer stands up well to the protein in jerky. It is a personal choice, but we tend to recommend to stay away from light beers, as the flavour of the ale can tend to get lost amid the intense flavours of our beef jerky, especially the spicier versions.
  • Lighter-style scotches are perfect as well.
  • Some other suggestion of alcoholic drinks that team well with jerky, are tequila, gin and sauvignon blanc wine.

You may have some other drinks that you enjoy our beef jerky with, and we would love to hear them.

What drinks do you think would suit our chicken jerky, and pork jerky? Send us your ideas, and we will include them in a future post.

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