Why is it important to have protein in your diet

Why is it important to have protein in your diet?

By now almost everyone knows that they ‘need’ protein, but there are still a lot of questions as to why! Let us explain why we feel this is so, and why our products are a perfect proien choice.

What is it?

Dietary proteins provide amino acids as building blocks for growth, repair and maintenance of proteins in the body. The body does not have a mechanism for storing amino acids or protein, unlike carbohydrates which can be stored as glycogen and fats that can be stored as triacylglycerides.

Quick Fact: Over 98% of ALL the cells in your body are replaced every year!

Why do we Need it?

Dietary protein is a key nutrient for muscle and bone health. Adequate dietary protein during childhood and adolescent years is essential in order to accumulate an adequate bone and muscle mass during growth.

Improved Lean Body Mass

An optimal protein intake will allow us to maintain a higher lean body mass. This helps to give us the lean, fit looking physique that many desire whilst also improving metabolic rate further and helping to decrease fat stores and maintain leanness. This is what makes our jerky and ideal snack choice.

Improved Alertness and Focus

Amino acids supply the raw material for the excitatory neurotransmitters such as epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and dopamine. When we do not have enough of these amino acids we are more likely to suffer mental fatigue and physical fatigue.

Bone Structure and Health

Protein provides the matrix for bone and connective tissue. Ample protein helps to provide the structure for healthy bones!

How Much do we Need?

The recommended daily intake (RDA) for protein is based on the activity level of sedentary individuals and is measured by looking at the amount of protein taken in and compared with the amount excreted. It is approximately 0.8 grams per kilo of bodyweight.

What are some good sources of protein?

Sprouted lentils, chick peas or mung beans
Nuts or seeds (almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds)
97% fat free beef jerky, chicken jerky or pork jerky

Our handmade products are made from a traditional beef jerky recipe and make an ideal healthy protein snack. Keep a jerky pack in your gym bag to for a quick protein snack after your work out. Grea for camping, hiking, or everyday snack as well.